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倾世皇妃 * 杂记 October 11, 2011

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有些没有原则地沉浸在倾世皇妃里。虽然有些细节有失完美,但是真的还是好喜欢。=) 林心如真的诠释出那种感觉。智慧,眼里却依然是清澈和顽劣。



原本还天真地捂住,不让自己看spoiler 的剧情介绍,但还是瞄到了那最好一行。祈佑和连城都为保护馥雅战死沙场,馥雅亦追随祈佑而去,投崖而亡。虽然知道只是虚构,心里还是震撼无比。那样的爱情,像开在大漠中的花朵,那样盛大,美丽,决绝。为爱而活,应该是很美好的吧。那种不顾一切,是心中有求,有牵挂的人望而不及的。存在,因爱而变得有意义,也因爱而变得渺小。人真的是很奇怪的一种动物,脆弱的身躯及一世的存在都无法负荷的那些浩大的情感。






Donghae October 8, 2011

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Donghae shall be my first post. =)


It was because of this moment, that I started on everything about super junior, about Kpop. It is a craze that I myself can’t explain. I hate to call it a craze, or a phase of my life, for I hope that this feeling is immortal. I don’t know. But I’m already unsure now. The longing is just too distant to be true.


I don’t know how much time I have spent on YouTube, going through every related video of him.


Yes, he is handsome. His deep and sparkling eyes trained on the camera are just so mesmerising. What draws me deeper is his airs. His taciturn and detached presence. It seems so familiar to me. I do that too. Finding a place for myself in a circle of strange voices and faces. It may all seem shallow, even to myself. But I don’t wish to deny this superficial feeling. Sometimes, I do think I am pathetic.


Donghae really lights up my day. He is someone whom my thoughts could go to. I watch his dances to just to find myself smiling foolishly. I don’t know if he is forever the Donghae, but I’ll always keep him in my heart. I know it’s ludicrous, and probably shameless, but that’s the least I could do.




La Solitude

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La solitude is probably quite cliche, especially to be used by a teenager. But, with this blog, I just want to write every thought of my own, without any vestiges of the past and my world. So, it’s my own sphere and my own journey.


I am always on my own. I can be so intimate with my mother, so crazy with my friends. But I have always kept the silence and distance. I have my own world, of all those exhilarations, beauties, guilt and tears. I haven’t been truthful even in my diary. And not quite possibly on facebook. So, in the midst of the end of year exams, I am crazy enough to start a blog.